Campement sur bord de mer
Madokowando ses 2 filles et le Baron de St Castin
The Métis Nation of the rising sun formally dissociates itself from any past action, present and future of the following groups:

Communauté Mikinak de la Montérégie
Confédération des peuples autochtones du Canada (CPAC)
Nation et communauté autochtone Antaya
Today our Nation gives formal notice to the Government Trudeau and Couillard by a letter from Michel Pouliot.

We urge the Trudeau Government to take action against the Liberal government of Quebec, considering that we Métis and Native are in trust under their governance with the obligation to consult us on Bill 106 which is put under the bail in Quebec.

We ask that it act immediately.

We are asking the Government of Quebec to stop this harassment immediately and to consider us as a First Nation.

Benoît Lavoie

Grand Chief Métis Nation of the Rising Sun.

Aboriginal Gathering Around Montmagny Arena
Come meet the Métis Nation of the Rising Sun
And his Clan Wôbtegwa Aboriginal Community who will be your hosts
Traditional dances, songs and music will be part

July 7, 8 and 9, 2017
Clan Wôbtegwa
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Important notice to all inactives members